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5 Villains in DC’s Stargirl

The villains of DC’s Stargirl are just as memorable as its heroes. Many of them have unique powers and abilities. Check out this list of five villains in DC’s Stargirl.

1. Brainwave

In the Stargirl series, produced by Geoff Johns, Brainwave is the villainous alter ego of Henry King Sr. Henry is a renowned neurosurgeon who knows a great deal about the brain, its structure, and how it functions. As Brainwave, Henry can read and control the thoughts of other people; he can alter their perceptions, create illusions, and erase their memories. He also has telekinetic powers. Christopher James Baker is the actor who portrays Brainwave.

2. Sportsmaster

A member of the Injustice Society, Sportsmaster is the alter ego of Larry Crock. After retiring from a professional career as an athlete, Larry began engaging in criminal activities. As Sportsmaster, Larry does not wield any supernatural powers. However, he is a skilled fighter and knows how to utilize sports equipment, such as baseball bats, as weapons. Sportsmaster is played by Neil Hopkins.

3. Dragon King

A reptilian and humanoid creature, Dragon King was once a fully human man named Dr. Shiro Ito. He was born in the early 20th century. During this century, he conducted experiments on himself, resulting in him acquiring reptile-like characteristics. Shiro is able to heal like a reptile, and he has enhanced strength. The actor who plays Dragon King is Nelson Lee.

4. Tigress

Tigress is the alter ego of Paula Brooks. Paula works as a gym coach at the same school that Courtney Whitmore, whose alter ego is Stargirl, attends. Like her husband, Larry Crock, Paula does not have any extraordinary powers, but she is a well-trained hand-to-hand combat fighter. In addition, she knows how to utilize a crossbow as a weapon and can fire it with a substantial amount of accuracy. Joy Osmanski is the actress who plays Tigress.

5. Icicle

Icicle is the alter ego of Jordan Mahkent. Jordan is a businessman who held very authoritarian beliefs and aimed to wipe out millions of people in order to attain his distorted vision of an ideal world. As Icicle, Jordan has the power to create and control ice-based structures. Also, he can form a layer of ice on his body and decrease the temperature of a particular space. The actor who portrays Icicle is Neil Jackson.

Villans are vital parts of any superhero franchise. The villains of Stargirl are no exception.