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What art supplies does a painter student need?

The market for art products is huge and the choice overwhelming. Many creative people are heartbroken when they see a department store. It feels like you practically need everything on display: pens, brushes, paints, canvases, and all those things whose names you don’t know, but which seem incredibly important to work on the picture or the perfect object.

As an artist, there are different areas of material that simply belong to artistic creation. For every artist to find the right material, they have to search the British online shopping stores. This makes it very easy to find the right material. When choosing the right materials, each artist has a wide range of materials to choose from. Whether you are a hobby artist or a professional painter – the use of high-quality materials certainly contributes to success!

But what do you need if you want to start painting – Find the right colors

Well, at the beginning there is a decision:

Would I like to paint with watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache, or tempera? And what is the difference? Want to try canvas photo prints for a start?

Anyone, apart from school lessons, who has never had a brush in hand, should not use oil paints for a start. For reasons. The colors are relatively expensive and unhealthy. Along with the solvents you need to process it, it smells so bad that you should only use oil paint in large, well-ventilated rooms or outdoors. You also need to think about whether you would like to use a drawing tablet.

All other colors mentioned above can be diluted with water. Tempera and gouache paints can be applied opaque, with watercolors the surface of the painting always shines. White areas or lights should be omitted in watercolors. This is a rather complicated matter, especially for beginners.

Modeling, repair, design

Beyond one-dimensional painting, materials such as modeling clay, salt stone, and Co. can be used to create wonderful spatial patterns. Especially in creative work with children and adolescents, it can transmit initial experiences with artistic work.

When modeling, great structures are created very quickly, which directly gives a sense of accomplishment. But modeling always presents new challenges for experienced designers. Laughter, filing, grinding, kneading, carving – that’s the fun of working. A wide variety of materials and tools are available with which extraordinary works of art can be produced.

Artist accessories: practical aids

Here you will find all kinds of artist accessories that simplify your artwork. Some things are indispensable for artists, such as an easel, palettes for mixing colors, empty bottles to keep their colors, or a practical adhesive tape. Aids, such as tube fighters and painter’s clothes, will also help you with creative work.